Sites Go Down Every Day – They Get Hacked Weekly - Arvixe we cant stress enough to everyone to stay away from this company. Our sites have been going down on daily and weekly basis because of this company. They do not know how to run a company, they dont know anything about hosting or computers. For the past 2 weeks their servers have been under a DOS attack from numerous locations. Our site has been going up and down on a daily and hourly basis.

Recently we just asked for the EPP key to get our site away from this idiots. Right this second we went to the online chat stated we wanted our site moved and immediately they closed the chat room on us. We wanted to have our site moved to another server for god knows how many times.

The second we get moved its just a matter of time before the same problems happen again. We wanted to move, and their own QA department made threats to us. We are now filing legal charges against this company.

Do yourselves a favor, do not get thrown into this company’s services. Dont believe their fake reviews. Thats how we got caught into this POS of a company.

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