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I received an email from ASC incorporation telling me they are collecting for a loan I took out online. I’ve never done this. So I email back and say you have the wrong person, I’ve never taken out a loan.

I get a threatening email that they will take me to court and I will now owe $4000 something. And my email, name and social are in their system. Okay but my name is not (the name they were calling me) so again wrong person, and if you are going to scam people, you should really try to use a grammar and spell check!

Today I received another saying I am avoiding all efforts to resolve this and will be sued, and then they proceed to offer up part of the Miranda rights…

Sincerely Steven Hall.
Sr. Investigation Officer.
(Department – Law & Enforcement)
(ACS Incorporation) 951-396-0006

Again never taken out a p****y loan.

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