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not anymore, I bought a ring from these people for$ 900.00 and was promised it was beautiful and just like a diamond had more shine than a diamond for more than half the price of a smaller diamond, and if I bought it now I can have it sized FREE! I said okay. Bad Mistake!

They sized it for free no buyers pre, and free shipping well, the ring I got was not like any diamond I have ever seen before, it was big and it was dull ugly, the band was bent, and the setting was YELLOW, DULL YELLOW!

I called them, they offered to fix the band but they wouldn’t take the ring back because I had it sized.

So buy all you want, but do-not have it sized, I had no idea they would do something that awful and besides when I checked my paper work they did charge me for shipping, it wasn’t much but it wasn’t supposed to be there the charge that is, I just hope I have helped someone, no this site is not to be trusted at least not by me and I told them so!

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I am dealing with attorney general please contact me on class action law suit


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