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Last year, I ordered ONE item that took almost 6 months to receive.

In February, 2015, as a Valentine’s gift from my husband, I placed a $600 order, paid via PAYPAL. SammyDress sent an email requesting that I email them a copy of a photo ID or passport and the credit card used (revealing only the last 4 digits) to avoid credit card fraud. I’m sorry, but that is against E-Commerce laws. Not to mention, it was paid via PAYPAL!

Over a month later, and after futile attempts to speak with a live representative for two weeks (area code for their company phone is in Southern California. I too live in Southern California) as the phone is CONSTANTLY busy, and waiting for an hour to obtain a LIVE CHAT rep, I finally managed to obtain a rep with the name of ‘Robert’. He claimed that they are in China, and at the time I was conversing with him 9 am my time), the company was closed, albeit there is a PST phone number listed for Customer Service. Even with that, I asked for a live rep to contact me during CHINA’S REGULAR BUSINESS hours, and the rep just kept skirting my request asking me to email my very crucial information to complete the process of my order.

After going around in circles for close to an hour, I mentioned that this policy of sending private information was unethical and more importantly, illegal, and that I would be reporting this to the appropriate authorities, my LIVE CHAT was ironically disconnected abruptly.


I am interested in pursuing this via legal avenues in filing a criminal report against the company. If anyone has any information on how to go about this procedure, please let me know. Thank you.

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