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I had a massive heart attack while driving truck over the road. I was lucky it occurred in McKinney Tx.

The afternoon of my surgery the doctor told me about the Zoll life vest, how it would save my life if I had another heart attack and I could not leave the hospital without having one fitted.

For 3 days I heard how wonderful this device was, how necessary to my life it was, How it wouldn’t cost me anything and it would save my life no doubt about it.

I was already under a tremendous amount of stress… I had just had a massive heart attack, I was feeling my mortality and I was scared, I did not want to die!

These doctors and nurses convinced me this was the only way to stay alive.

My wife, who drove to Tx. from Mo. went back to her hotel room the first night after these scare tactics were used and looked into this device on the internet, she arrived the next morning while I was being fitted. She was extremely upset that I had made the decision to wear this device (at the recommendation of the doctor and the nurse who represented the company) She tried to reason with me, in front of the doctor and nurse she told me what she had found out about this device, but like I said I was scared and after all they were the people who wanted to help me stay alive right?

I was discharges after 3 days, over the next week I was tortured, The vest was uncomfortable, and burdensome, It was hot and bulky and restricted movement. I had to download the information every Friday. I was lead to believe that the information I was downloading was about how my heart was functioning. It wasn’t until I started to investigate that I discovered the download had nothing to do with me or my health it was simply for the company to track the performance of the device.

I also learned that if I were to have another incident and the device de-fibed no one would be able to help me until a code was put in, A code that our local EMS would have. That if this were to happen and any one were to touch me they would more than likely be killed as the electrical shock is enough to stop a healthy heart. So my wife would not be able to come to my aide. It takes 20 minutes for an ambulance to reach my location and it take 4 to 5 minute for me to drive to the local emergency room.

I took the vest off after a few days. Of course I was apprehensive, I had been manipulated into believing that this was for my protection. I was lied to and under duress and made to believe that it was all for my benefit.

I was told I would not be charged for this device unless I were to not follow protocol.
The tactics this company and it’s representatives use to test their product are deceitful and dangerous.

The kick backs I am convinced the hospital personal receive for every heart patient they convince to wear this torture device must be huge. Other wise what is the point of the lies, the scare tactics and manipulation of people in this situation. You are virtually putting your life in their hands and trusting them to help you, You are made to believe that all of this if for your own good when in reality it is only to line the pockets of a select few whose pockets are already over flowing with the money extorted from sick and desperate people.

I believe that this device should be taken off the market, I believe that the company and the representatives of this company should be held accountable for the scare tactics and lies they tell to a very susceptible group of people in order to further their own agenda and line their own pockets with little or no concern about the health of the people they are testing this device on/

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