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My name is Holly Hugs, and I have been a guest at the Tacoma South Location for 42 nights, and I have spent about $3100, including my pet deposit for two small dogs.

I would first like to say I have never spent so much money somewhere and been treated so poorly. I personally have worked in retail management for about 13 years, and I clearly understand running a proiftable business, but without your customers there would not be a business.

My first issue began on Wed, the 2nd, I returned to the hotel with a friend, and was in search of my debit card. I went back out to the parking lot to look for it in her car, and had forgotten my entry key, I approached the woman at the front desk, Quanya, and explained my situation, and stated once I located my card I would be back down to take care of payment.

I then had to wait because my boyfriend found my card in his car and brought it to me. Before I could return downstairs, Quanya knocked on my door, and stated if I didn’t come down I would be “removed.” As, someone who has worked and sold to people for so many years, the most important thing is always verbage. Given that this person was aware how long I had been here, she could have chosen her words in a professional manner, not with threats. I understand that charges must be prepaid, and if I would a one, two, or even a guest for just a few nights which had expired, I would see her concern, and ensure payment needs to be made. My payments have always been large amounts, and do get taken care of.

The reason I chose the extended stay was because I was originally working with Apt hunters, but although they did send the details and form for my reservation by email, I could not reach them by phone the day I needed to check in to confirm a reservation, I then went to the website, looked up 8 nights, and deposits needed, and called extended stay customer care myself, and they booked it for me. The epp rate apt hunters offered me was $1260 for a 60 day stay, plus $300 for pet deposit, and tax would be charged the first month and refunded in 30 days. I have never stayed in a hotel, so initially I decided on the 8 nights, and payed the $69.99 rate for the nights, and deposit totaling $907 upon check in. I assumed this would give me an idea of how the room would accommodate me, my 2 yr old daughter, and two small dogs.

The first Saturday night I was here, I went outside to let a friend in, and came back in. There was a young man sitting in the stairwell, when I came back in. I later went outside, I saw the young man was still in the stairwell, and asked if he was ok. He asked if I was going outside to have a cigarette, and followed me. At first, I thought he was a guest, he then told me he was form out of state, and homeless, and the night people working had been letting him sleep in the stairwell. I was shocked, and explained I would be going to the front desk, and they needed to find a place for him to go.

Letting someone sleep in the stairwell, compromises the safety of all guests, and being that I was a woman, it made me feel unsafe. Essentially, this person could have been capable of anything, and the dangerous part is the idea of someone following women or any guest to their room, and theft or harm occurring. He said he understood, waited in the hallway, while I went to the front desk to speak with the two men working at the front desk. They assured me they would take care of it, and then went to speak to the young man. From what I understand, and have seen there are routine security walks done throughout the night, I would assume these men on the crew had seen him at some points, and simply done nothing. The young man initially stated they had let him stay more than a couple nights. Washington Law clearly states that hotels are to protect their guests, in all regards to safety.

I have understand from the beginning, that charges are paid upfront, but when I went to the front desk the day before my 8 days ended, I said I would like to extend. Aside from the previous issue, I had not had any issues. I asked the front desk directly, If it made a cost difference if I extended one or two weeks, they said only if I stayed another 8 nights, and settled for that. Had they explained that if I extend up to 30 days then it would be the most cost effective, I would have done that. I decided to do more of my own research and book the 8 nights. In that I went back to my epp offer, and assumed that the longer I stayed, the price would decrease, and come out to just about what I would have paid with apt hunters, but I did see that with a 30 day stay, there was a coupon on the website for $200 off. I decided to stay my 8 days, and go from there, I felt the front desk was not helpful in finding or meeting my needs, but at that point I had spent about $1500, and had a place for myself, my child, and two dogs.As the weeks have gone on, I kept extending and paying and saw that my rate was decreasing, and assumed, it would even out. to about my epp price or the direct website price with the coupon. Well, there was a miscommunication, and at one point the person I paid said I was good to the next Tue, that Tue someone knocked on my door saying I was past due, I explained the person told me I had paid til Tue. I went down and made another payment.

At one point, instead of calling me to explain charges, they attempted to run my card for over $400 without my consent, and when it did not go through, they charged my card for $69.59, three different times. I assure you I have a working cell phone, the number is on my account, and I was never called. I have a 2 yr old, it would be negligent for me to not have a working phone in case of emergency. So they then then just put the papers under my door the next day requesting signature. I should have been contacted first, one charge and payment could have been done. It’s at this point I went to the front desk, and the simply said it was evening, and I would have to wait for the manager the next day to discuss charges.

Bottom line, I was not happy with the different or lack of communication from multiple people on this staff including the manager, she simply said that the associate “would have to learn the hard way how to properly handle guests” and apologized. I said that I had done more research at this point and comparing what I would have paid through epp for 60 day, I had already spent more than that taking into full consideration for the pet deposit. She said she could not match the epp price, which is $42 per night, even though I had called customer service the Wed evening I had the issue with the employee, and they brought up for me to discuss epp with the manager. At this point, my rate was $54.99 with only the $1.50 tax,,I went on the website to calculate what $2700 would be at that rate with the coupon, it comes out 49 nights for just the rate, and given consideration for the coupon and wanting my full stay, it would about 3 more night, taking into consideration my total of over $3050, taking away the pet deposit, and $1.50 room charge. So accepting that she could not meet epp, pricing which would have given me 60 days full for what I had paid and a check out date of april 18th, I felt that she should be able to match the overall rate of $54.99 with the coupon, putting me at a stay of 52 nights, I was given 1 night, and I was only at 42 nights. I think I night stay, is not acceptable, I think that is what would be given to any quest for any issue, whether they stayed even just one night and had an issue.

I have not been trying to be difficult, avoid payment, but I do expect the money and especially at this amount to be valued. That amount is what some people spend on a mortgage in 3 months. The previous condo I was renting sold quickly which is why this is my choice of temporary housing due to my dogs, and taking care of them while I search for a new apt. I regret choosing this location, the overall experience is horrible, and incredibly uncomfortable to say the least.

This hotel from the top down is awful, never stay here unless necessary, or your rate is unbelievable, you will be treated poorly, and with no lack of professionalism whatsoever, even though your are the “Guest” and paying guest at that. Aside from this last paragraph, this is the letter I sent to the state of WA regional who never responded by email or otherwise, Guest services, who I had to wait on for twenty minutes to speak to, luckily called the regional who in one ear, out the other, said the staff has many training issues, mildly apologized, and only gave me two nights stay.

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