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I ordered 2 packs of the deluxe clip in hair extensions from When I received the product I was so excited as this was the first ones I had bought. But then when I looked at them properly noticed little white bits like glue or something that may have been used, then as the hair was jet black I noticed some of the hair bits had colour missing, then there were threads the size of the hair instead of hair, and the hair started falling out. The hair was all the same length so it looked like the girl from the movie ‘The Ring’.

So I contacted by email for a refund as the I can never get through to them on the phone. I was advised the following (copied from the email received):

Dear customer,

Sorry about this,
Our products quality is very good, before we shipped it out, we made
an examine about it, maybe it is damaged by the Third-Part logistics,
If you want refund, the manufacture has to keep that 30% as the
restocking fee according to our return policy,
And you also need to pay for the return shipping fee,

We still hope you can keep it, you can resell or give it to someone
else as a gift,
We will refund you $10 as compensation.

Looking forward to your reply,

Best Regards,
Customer Service Dept.

So I emailed back telling them I want a full refund and not 70% as below:

> Hi Yvette
> Its not damaged by a third party as it was opened from the packaging and was
> like that. I should receive the full refund not just 70% as it was sent to
> me damaged. Why would a third party add threads and gluey bits to the hair
> which dont come out? Obviously they didnt. Obviously these werent inspected
> properly and i want the full refund as i do not want damaged hair which has
> some white hairs and threads and bits in the hair. And hair falling out. I
> took the hair out once to look at it and so much hair fell out. Its not good
> customer service to provide faulty hair and forcing the customer to keep it
> and telling them that someone else must have damaged the hair. I paid so
> much for this hair and want a FULL REFUND!!! Natural hair doesnt have
> threads and other bits. You have taken my money and im not satisfied with
> the product so you need to take ownership of this product and give me a full
> refund and take this back as i dont want it and wouldnt give this damaged
> hair as a gift.

Then I received the following email:

Dear customer,

Sorry about that, if you don’t accept the 30% as the restocking fee,
We still hope you can keep it, We will refund you 15GBP as compensation.

Looking forward to your reply,

Best Regards,
Customer Service Dept.

The emails they send don’t even make sense and why would I give a faulty product as a gift or sell to someone just for them to return it back to me. Extremely bad customer service, you will regret buying from them so spend a bit extra and buy from elsewhere. I wish I had done that now as I bought these for a wedding and ended up with this horrible hair sent to me.

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