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Verizon Wireless has been charging me for a phone line that has been inactive for more than a year. I have contacted Verizon Wireless on numerous occasions to request the phone line be removed from my account due to it being inactive. In addition, to requesting the line be removed, I have also questioned my bill amount. On average, I have been paying Verizon Wireless $200/month for one phone and have become frustrated and stressed with the process altogether to have the inactive phone removed from my account.

However, when contacting Verizon Wireless as I questioned my bill, I’m told that they can review my account to see what can be done. In doing this, Verizon Wireless does not disclose that they can only process one order/request per call or within 48 hours. I’m still not clear on the particulars but once they offer to cut cost by removing a feature, I will have to contact them another day to have the inactive phone removed. I find this to be a very deceitful tactic.

In addition, I made them aware that I was disputing every charge for this phone since the time of it being inactive. I was told I could only be credited for one month. Verizon has charged me $49.00 / month for a phone that they know has had no activity. For a phone that I have constantly contacted them and notified them that it was inactive and I wanted it removed. I have currently requested a full review of my account and Verizon Wireless charges and misleading practices.

Please beware and review your bill and question them whenever you think your bill is not correct.

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