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At 7.45 pm we were traveling thru Foley, Al. Store at #201 at 2501 S. Mckenzie St. We ordered one baked potato/ chile@ one 1/2 lb. Cheese burger. I went to wash my hands, but empty hand towel. Dispenser. I looked in ladies bathroom for towels, as we were only customer, again empty dispenser. I went to my wife and she was not happy, as her potato and cheese was cold and crisp cheese, like it was sitting under a heat lamp. She said they are making a new one and was going to use the bathroom.

I told the heavy -set spanish looking man that there were no hand towels in either bathroom, he said angrily –you went in women’s bathroom, i said yes, i looked for towels, and if you want me to eat here ,i want to wash @dry my hands. I ate my 1/2 lb. Cheese burger and went up to “andrea g. And she said is all ok? I said no, your bathrooms need attention. We sat there until 8.45 and no one ever put towels in bathrooms.

We will never use electric dryers, as if the person grabs the door handle while your drying with electric, and has urine or stool on their hands—it is now on your hand, as the paper towel is a door handle protector.

Needless to say we will never eat at that wendys again.

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