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My Son is trying to use this to raise monies for his school. He is turning 18 in Dec. and is very bright young man, loves currency. He is still In High school and has an amazing Finance Mind. He also worked on a demo site and was called to see what tool he was using, he said no tools just his brain and the account manager was amazed.

We tested ZoomTrader.com and decided to open up an account. With $200 in the Volume. He raise the volume with in 1 day up to $500 in currency trading, Zoom Trader was in a Ah! When the currency market closed for their weekend their was no trades. On Monday we go back to checking his account and we find the scam of all scams.

Below is the trade history that is not what it was before the weekend.

His account was changed and manipulated. He ended the day Oct. 2 with a profit and trade volume of trade $758 Volume. When we went to log in after the weekend the numbers were way off ZoomTrader Even changed the trade Volume to says $715.00, with a Trade balance of $8.55 , ZoomTrader.com are trying to cover their backs.

ZoomTrader takes monies from innocent people and scams them.

My Son was only using the 60 sec rule with currency only and we find in his history during the weekend that he traded with companies that we never would of traded, not even a 10 year old would want to trade with these companies knowing how bad they were. We only focused on currency.

When we spoke on the Phone with Mr. Meek from ZoomTrader.com he said he had to attend other clients and hanged up on us.

When I called back to indicate that I was filling a report with Interpol he picked up the call.

ZoomTrader.com scams people. Dont go with ZoomTrader.com

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