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We needed replacement windows in our 100 year old farm house. I replaced out upper windows myself, but the cost of windows has gone up so much, that it was the same price just to hire out the install. We got 3 competing bids & Sea Thru windows was the cheapest by a few hundred dollars. I went with Sea a Thru because they sell Simonton Windows which have a good quality rating (from independent sources).

We paid over $2,000 for 7 windows & were promised the windows within 4 – 6 weeks. I ordered the windows in September, 2013, hoping to have them in before it gets very cold in November (a reasonable assumption). The windows were not ready for install until December. I told Sea Thru that the windows must be installed before Christmas.

Their installers didn’t even start the install until January, 2014. There were only 7 windows ordered & you would think that they could install them in 1 day. But they only ever show up with 2 installers. One “installer” bent & damaged our aluminum siding & window trim casings while very roughly ripping out the original wood windows & storm window frames with a crow bar & heavy hammer.

They only managed to get 4 installed on the first day. They were actually going to rip out the other 3 windows & leave the frames open until they came back another day! I refused this & made them return to complete the job. But they did not come back to finish the work for another 3 weeks! It then took them another 2 weeks before they came back again to complete the aluminum wrap of the brick mold casings & window sills. So a job which should have been completed in 4 – 6 weeks, took 5 months.

My worst fears were realized when they had windows ripped out of our house in February when it was 20 degrees outside. Most people replace windows to improve efficiency, not freeze themselves out of their own home.

I have never heard of so many excuses in my life as what their office rep. came up with, about factory back orders, sick workers, the truck broke down, etc. The most unprofessional staff ever.

Now about the install: they ordered windows which were at least 4 inches too small, which I did not find out about until they had already ripped out the original windows. They filled the huge gap with 2″ x 4″‘s at the top & bottom of the window frames. I had to make them come back several more times to at least caulk the perimeter frames, & they never completed the outer trim job properly. The caulk they used inside out house was a cheap, exterior rated caulk that had a terrible odor, so strong that we could not even sit in our living room for several weeks due to the off gasing being so severe. I specifically asked for low VOC caulk to be used inside, because I had heard of other complaints.

They left tons of razor sharp aluminum scraps, wood, & lead paint chips all over the outside of the house, which they never cleaned up, after repeated calls. Dealing with them is a war of attrition, which they will finally get you to give up, because a person can only listen to so many lame excuses. They have no intention or desire to provide a quality product, & once they have your money, forget about getting it back.

This is a lesson in the old saying being true: cheap winds up being expensive, & you get what you pay for. Trouble is, we paid over $2,000, so it wasn’t even cheap, it just looks like it!

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