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We went into a cricket store here in Visalia ca, we up graded our phones from the HTC v to the HTC v 1 on both my wife’s phone and my phone and bought 2 more phones for my son and daughter we ended up spending over $1200 on phones and our monthly bill of there new $100 a month for 5 lines. 2 weeks later my phone had marks on the screen so I took it in so it could be replace and I noticed that right after I bought our phones the price for them drop from 299.00 to 149.00 that’s a 150 dollar drop after all that money I spent I was not happy!

We waited in line for an hour in a half and finally talked to a sells rep and they told us they no longer have that phone in stock and told us that they should have the phone in by Friday we were there on a Tuesday, the guy told us that they will call us on Friday so we could come pick it up. He talked to the manager and told us that he will get the difference for the phone when we came to pick up the phone. We said great and was on our way thinking I would have my phone by Friday and the difference of 150.00 dollars for the inconvenience of having to wait to be told they don’t have it.

On Friday I called the store since they had not called me to ask if I could come pick my phone up and there was no answer so I left a message and waited for a call back. Sat, sun, Mon, tues all rolled around no word back from cricket. I called again and once again right back to voice mail, so I went back down to the store waited 2 hours to talk to a rep just to be told rudely that they still don’t have the phone and that they told us they would call and that should be good enough! I asked I’d they didn’t have the HTC if I could just get the samsung that they had for the same price I got the HTC for and not to worrie about the credit I would just be happy with that phone. she went to the back and looked for that phone and then came out and told me I was just gonna have to wait for the HTC and told me even if it was past the 30 days they would still swap it out for us. While we where there we watched a lady buy the same phone we asked for as a replacement. When we asked about it she told us she can’t do that for us, that we are just gonna have to wait – that’s why she told us she didn’t have it. I left very upset with NOTHING resolved once again!

Two weeks later still no call from cricket I called them again left 3 messages with no responses back I work 13 plus hours a day and find it hard to keep going back into a store where I have to wait an hour or more for customer service! I went back to cricket just to be told they still did not have my phone in and to be told no I was not going to get the difference on my phone iv been waiting 3 plus weeks for! While I was waiting for the guy to go talk to his manager a Hispanic lady next to us was having issues with her phone and the lady gave her a 200 dollar credit and brought her outta new phone for going threw such inconvenient! Why wasn’t I getting the same treatment! Why was I having to come back over and over again! The guy came out and told us that we could have a 30.00 credit and turn our phone in for a replacement when I asked if I was going to get a refurbished phone he told me that we might but he didn’t know for sure.

I paid for a new phone! A brand new phone why am I getting a refurbished phone I told him I wanted a new phone and he told me that he couldn’t do anything for me. And then went and talked to his manager again the manager said they could give me a 100 dollar credit and that was the best he could do! So I wasted my time wasted my money wasted time with my family just to get a refurbished phone that is probably gonna break down on me like the last phones I got that were refurbished and still paid way to much on the phone just to be treated with disrespectfulness! I am not happy with any of my service!

I watched the manager come out to both the people that got the phone I asked for and the credit of 200 they were both Hispanic people I am white and when I asked to talk with the manager he was not there supposedly even though they went back there to talk to him and I never saw him leave! He treated the same race as him better than I was treated I feel extremely discriminated against and I feel like if I was Hispanic I would have been treated better in there store!

After all of that they told me that my phone would be in by Thursday of that week and that they would call me to let me know when it will be there once again no call! Once again I had to call leave a message with no response back i left a very upset message and didn’t get a response back till Tuesday of this week! Due to my work schedule I can’t just drop everything and just go in even though my job requires me to have my phone working and on me at all times!

I went in today to pick my phone up finally after a month in a half of fighting to get a phone! I lost all my pictures on my phone and whatever else. I had to deal with a very rude lady again and was treated like I was a liar even though you could clearly see the problems I was having with my phone! If been a loyal customer since cricket first came out to Fresno California and opened there first store out here and I have NEVER had to put up with the BS if had to put up with at this Visalia ca store!

You guys should really have an investigation done on that store because I asked around and a lot of people that I talked to also felt like the manager there treats his same race better! And that coming from different races iv talked to! You guys really need to change things back to the old way when cricket had better customer service and they hired people who gave a d**n about there job! I’m a very upset customer!! I’m in customer service and iv always been told and believe in the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Fix your mistakes!

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