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They’re in China laughing at us; I truly believe that. I loss $200.98 and the shoes are poor replicas that were likely stolen. I’ve order from China many times knowing the risks and their reputation for theft. I’ve accepted the fact that they finally got me. Yup; China got me. I’ve order from Shoespie before and the shoes are manufactured cheap; the quality was not as shown on their website. I truly believe they used Elmer’s glue as an adhesive on the shoe soles.

I did experience issues during my first order and have communicated with them a few times via email and phone but I loss this time. I wanted to return the shoes for a larger size but was told returning the shoes would be expense (which I agree). I was told they’ll send me two new pair for $60.00 ($30.00 each) and for me to keep the other shoes. It sound too good to be true but I rolled with it; boy was I naive. My mistake was acting to quickly, I paid full price and was told they’ll refund me $140.98 and this is when it went south.

I left various email messages, messages through their site, logged in my account and left messages, I’ve called and have continuously received their voicemail and for all I know the phone announcement could be saying no longer in service. Weeks ago, they sent me a few default emails with repetitive communication Iike they don’t understand my complaint but it’s a game and now no one is answering the phone. They are ripping Americans off and if they ship worldwide as they claim from continent to continent; they’re rich geographic pirates.

Please be advised, they’ll charge you shipping on their site then keep your shipping cost as profit and have UPS COD (cash on deliver/$29.00) you. Twenty- nine rocks over the head. They’ll also give you a bogus tracking number with no courier indicated. I attempted to track my package through UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS then I finally stopped and accepted the reality that I’m a victim. It happens every day; now I’m a statistic. This company’s website is on auto pilot; there is no corporation – their office is a 4G phone and a wireless credit card terminal working out of the back of a commercial vehicle. China is the number one manufacturer of goods; a monopoly is what they are several in one district.

When the package arrived it was beat up and the shipping box looked like it was retrieved from a carry-out’s dumpster. It’s been over a month and let the truth be told, this company is not trust worthy and has no integrity. They’re not worth your hard earned money. Your loss is very unfortunate but it still isn’t worth fueling over or getting angry and frustrated over. They’re not worth your valuable time and most importantly they’re not worth the risk or your trust. My plan was to rock a few pair of their bottom dollar shoes but I can’t at this point.

I’m calling my bank in the morning and if the bank does not rectify this misfortune – I did gain a lesson. It’s a lesion in your experience too. Always do your research. God bless Shoespie…Bye-Bye Benjamin. Their international number is: 011-86-29-68968082. You’ve been notified and warned.

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