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I recently signed up for Verizon Wireless‘s Jetpack wireless internet. It is a quicker service than most others. However, I received two bills in excess of $300 per month… actually closer to $400. They never sent me any notice about time limit warnings as far as going over. Actually, they never even sent me a Welcome to Verizon Wireless email.

I spoke on the phone w/ headquarters for a very long time and rec. a $65 rebate and they signed me up to a higher contract-more money. I feel I was under duress when I agreed to this. I have been in contact pleading my case to the local store to no avail….just standard how great our service is and stalling tactics.

Have been writing many reviews that are not flattering on varying websites Twitter, Facebook, LinkenIn, Yelp etc. to finally get their attention. They seem not to compromise, so I filed a claim on People Claim Administration and will see what happens next. Almost feel bait and switched from my original $50 or so a month plan.

NOTE* I Have never done this before to any company in my 52 years of living on this planet but really feel wronged. ..Heck, I feel like dealing the government would be way easier than these guys.

Thanks for listening.

VerizonWireless – PO Box 4001 Acworth, Georgia 30101

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