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I had purchased a pre-pay Samsung Gusto2, with the help of the online sales rep, on 2/17/2014, and added $50 towards minutes to my bill. The rep explained that I should leave this phone in the original box/packaging until I wish to change my service from USCellular to Verizon. USCellular is leaving my state of Missouri soon, so was forced to find a replacement carrier that had service to my area- Verizon was the only option unfortunately.

On Monday 3/25, I removed the phone from the packaging, as I was planning to change my service on Tuesday at a Verizon outlet 42 miles from me. I made certain I had every piece of paperwork from my new phone, USCellular, and just in case, a credit card. The battery was still in its original packaging unopened.

When I arrived at the first Verizon outlet (Bethany), I was told that they do not deal with pre-pay phones, that I should go to the Verizon outlet located in another town (Princeton). I did so. At the Princeton outlet, the woman says her computer is down and does not expect to have another computer until Friday, that I should go to Trenton where they can help me. Another 30 miles to the Trenton outlet, so off I went determined to change my service, as my contract with USCellular runs out on April 1.

The woman there (Sarah) was very helpful and patient. She opened the battery, placed it into the phone to ONLY move my photos and contacts into my new Verizon phone. The phone did not work-the buttons (Down and OK) had to be pushed repeatedly, and in general did not operate. Plus, her store again, did not deal with pre-pay phones, so I would need to phone Verizon to get my number ported and start my service. I cannot move my photos and contacts, nor so much as port my number and start my service, if I do not have a working phone! Now what do I do?

While sitting in the Trenton store, I called Verizon customer service for answers. After speaking with SIXTEEN different people at Verizon customer care, multiple departments including CUSTOMER SERVICE on at LEAST three occasions, tech support, tech support for pre-pay (Yes, two different depts), several disconnects and starting the process over again, being on hold OVER AN HOUR, and finally running out my battery after THREE AND A HALF HOURS of my explaining the situation an estimated 20 times, all while IN THE VERIZON STORE, I have no answers as to what to do in this situation!! The representative, Sarah, at the Trenton store, verified three separate times, that this BRAND NEW, UNUSED phone is defective and explained exactly HOW it was, to the other end of the line at Verizon when requested. They have every bit of information Sarah and I could give them, but still, no resolve, no answers, and no conclusions.

Driving 140 miles in one morning for literally nothing, was a waste of time and effort. If this is the way Verizon cares for their customers, I dread the consequences for the unavoidable necessity of being forced to use this company as my carrier. Looks like I have no choice. I will have no service through USCellular after April 1. But, I have no working phone with Verizon either! VERY DISAPPOINTED with Verizon and how they have treated this situation. From the sound of other complaints, this is staus-quo with them, so do not expect any kind of resolve as I must again purchase yet another phone through them and start over. I will lose my photos and contacts in my phone when my service ends with USCellular, and go without any phone until Verizon gets their act together. What a deplorable way of doing business.

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