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I called the sales department to order a new phone and service and they told me I had to do that online on their website. To his credit, he did stay on the phone with me and walk me through the process. I ordered a phone off their website asking that my old phone number be “ported”. Finished and received an email stating that they were ready to ship with a inventory list for shipment. Quickly I realized that I ordered the wrong phone. Called the company up immediately. They said it was not problem and to just refuse the package at the door. In the mean time, come into one of the stores to order the right phone, so I did.

The visit to the Verizon store, 10 miles away (the website said that was the closest, there was one much closer), was 1 1/2 hours long. The store is not set up to work with customers independently. It was loud and because there were children also waiting with their parents, bored out of their mind, I had trouble hearing the lady who was helping me. I had to take a temporary number until the original account was sorted out. Ok, my fault for ordering the wrong phone in the first place. Went home with my new phone that day. :)

When the package arrived in the mail a couple of days later, we refused it at the door as instructed. Within two weeks my debit account was credited for the equipment but the service account had already started accruing fees. I started calling customer service when I got the first notice each with 1/2 hour to 45 minute wait times, weekly 6 or 7 times now. Apparently, with one of my early calls they went ahead and activated my account – somehow without equipment. So then my subsequent calls were cancelling the service, beyond the 14 day cancelling window, therefore causing a $350 early cancellation fee.

At the beginning of each call the customer service rep would tell me that I activated the phone, even though the equipment had been refunded and that I cancelled the service after the 14 day grace period. I explained to the customer service representative -each time- the entire story and they all promised they would take care of it. They said that the entire amount of $478.98 will be credited but now I get calls from their collection department too for the outstanding bill.

The latest statement I got yesterday said that they terminated my service for nonpayment. So, I call them again and they say that all the right notes are in the account and I won’t have to pay anything.

Why don’t the customer service reps have more control over the account? They can’t overwrite the system to stop calling me or sending me nasty letters. I have yet to see the end of this, but one thing is for sure: this is a lousy way to treat a new customer! I’m just so glad that the rep in the store didn’t try to add this new phone to the existing account that I had created online, that would have made this whole mess even worse. I may never go back to the “ported” number since I’ve had this one for so long and the other number has a large bill attached to it. I’m waiting for them to report my delinquent account information to the credit bureaus.

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