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Verizon promises a bill credit for $350 by a supervisor, then the credit gets rejected at a later date. Verizon says “Sorry, we arent willing to offer that any more”.

I switched carriers from Verizon to T-Mobile. When I called Verizon to take care of my final bill they transferred me to their “Save Team”. The save team asked me why I switched and I told them it was because I wanted new equipment and T-Mobile was less expensive. The save team then offered me a new rate plan and all new equipment at a discounted rate. I asked, “Whats the catch”? They told me as long as I came back they would reactivate my old lines, keep my same phone numbers and mail me out all new equipment. I liked this so I agreed to come back.

Well when I got my first months bill I now had my old family plan (5-lines), plus a new shiny bill for 5 individual lines of service. I called Verizon and the lady I talked to told me the guy that activated my lines screwed everything up “really bad”! She said not only did he not put these new lines on a family plan, but he activated them all on single “New Accounts” instead of your old accounts. I asked her of she could fix it and she told me yes, but it will take some time. She asked that I check back in a week or two because I had massive credits coming back.

I sent her an email, no response. I sent another email, no response. I then called and tried to get ahold of her and no one can find her. Apparently she was no longer with Verizon. So back to square one…. I repeat the process and am told it was being worked on.

Months later, they fixed my new lines and they then were on the new family plan I wanted, but I still had an old account with Edge lines that Verizon wanted me to pay for. Over the next following months and hours of talking to Verizon I was able to get most of these lines closed and credited. But there is one left that is breaking me….

After talking to a supervisor she says they absolutely will not credit this last edge line. I’m now extremely tired of dealing with this and just want it to go away. I ask her if I pay half right now ($230)on a credit card, will you agree to credit the other half ($230) and we can make this whole thing go away? She agreed and I gave her a credit card. I said do you promise me I will never hear of this account again? She said I assure you, its taken care of.

So 4-6 weeks later, I get an invoice, for this account same account and a refund check for $230. I instantly called back and asked what was going on. The rep told me that the previous supervisor made a payment on my old account, which was now closed, but still showed and edge balance. But because the payment wasn’t applied to the Edge program, the payment was shown as a credit balance and refunded. I then asked for a new supervisor to help resolve this issue.

The new supervisor apologized up and down and said I will get this take care of for you, I promise. She said we aren’t allowed to give any type of credit directly to the edge equipment. But what I can do is if you are willing to give me a credit card and pay off the entire edge amount, I will take that same amount and credit your active lines so for you its a wash. I said I’ve something similar to this before and I go a refund. She said don’t worry, last time it was done wrong, this time I’ll make it right.

So I give her a credit card and make a $350 payment to pay off the current balance of the Edge equipment. She says I’ll post tis credit now and talk to the billing department to make sure this credit goes through because they will likely reject it due to the amount. She then tells me everything is taken care of, sorry for all this trouble, you should never see or hear about this issue again. I thanked her repeatedly and hung up.

Well two months later, no credit on my account. I call Verizon and ask where my credit was. They said it got denied, sorry. So I escalate to a supervisor. Supervisor says the same thing. I say, C’mon guys you cant just take back a credit you promised. She says sorry, its been rejected and you will never get this credit. I asked to talk to the Supervisor that issues me the credit. She said sorry I don’t know who that was and even if I did she couldn’t resolve this issue. I said well I know her first and last name would that help. She said no, there is nothing else I can do for you.

So this is an example of three times, I’ve done exactly what I’ve been asked to do by Verizon based on them telling me they will resolve this account. All three times Verizon has been unable or unwilling to fulfill their end of the agreement.

I’m extremely unhappy and find it disheartening that a large company like this doesn’t live up to its promises.

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