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Believe this company is a total scam. I contracted with them to supply a phone number that was local to an Annapolis jail and would connect with the jail’s authorized phone provider. I paid for 3 months service. My friend at the jail said no calls were able to be placed. My calls to the relay number did not do anything at my cell phone and I heard the message ” The Google customer is unavailable, please leave a message .

When I tried to contact Jail Call Services number I was told “all customer service reps are busy, please leave your name and phone number” I left a message and no reply in over 3 weeks . WhenI emailed them at the address they use to sell sevices there has been no response in over 3 weeks .

Previously they answered emails dealing with pricing and called me back to tell me that the relay number was working . Their web page says “if you are not satisfied, you will get a refund ” Pure b*******.

They take your money, do nothing and then go into stealth mode.

I tried to get a refund from Debit card company Green Dot and was told they can’t guarantee the quality of a product or service and that I needed to contact Jail Call Services. Guess what I was screwed and have no recourse.

I filed a report with the FBI.

Us Prison Calls Llc –

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