Unprofessional Customer Service from Property Loss Dept. - Wells Fargo

Unprofessional Customer Service from Wells Fargo Property Loss Dept.

Our company does restoration to properties that have had damage caused by various means, fire, water, sewage back up, etc. At the completion of our job our invoice is sent to the insurance company and generally paid within a 30 day period. In this instance the insurance company issued the check for payment made payable with the home owner, mortgage company and another company. Two of the entities endorsed the check and our company sent it to Wells Fargo Property Loss Dept for endorsement and to have the funds released for payment of our services. Our bill was over $20,000.

I had called first to get the information on the format I needed to follow for the release of funds. I was provided with some information over the phone and proceeded to start the process. Between Feb. 12, 2014 and March 4, 2014 I made 11 calls back to Ohio. Every time I called I received additional information on what they needed, another piece of paper. I completed everything they asked for.

On my call March 4th I was informed they could not talk with me about this because the home owner had not given his permission to release details of the loss. At that point I put the homeowner on the task of calling back and he was informed that some of the paperwork we had sent was not acceptable and needed to send something different. Their website is difficult to locate any information we needed and because we were not the client we were not allowed access via a code. I had a hard time just getting a fax number for the dept. I had been dealing with. The home owner has had difficulty in getting this matter taken care of and he has worked in the banking industry.

As of this date our company has not received the funds and this should not have been this difficult to get taken care of. They make the process very difficult when they don’t provide all the information you need upfront and what the time line is. This caused our employees to have to wait for their paychecks as we are a small company.

In looking at other complaints that have been logged on sites, I don’t understand how they can continue to operate in this way.

Wells Fargo Bank – Property Loss Department One Assurant Way Springfield, Oh 45505

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