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I came to Poltava to follow a dream, and I will like to tell everyone who read this, if you like to try something special in your life, and have someone amazing, then Uadreams is the best place for you.

I read many negative information about this type of sites on the internet, and I can say that it’s true there is so much bad sites online, but not here, and not Uadreams.
When you arrive to Ukraine to this agency, you will feel that it’s not someone stranger from you, the first thing you see before you meet your lady is a beautiful smile on the faces of all the stuff, which make you start feeling so much positive thoughts about your trip.

My interpreter Oxana is an amazing lady, I wish if I can thank you enough for all what you did to me, I didn’t feel that you are a person that work in the agency, I felt that you are more than friend, thank you for all the help not only the translation, then I meet my angel, and it was an amazing meeting and each moment I spent in Ukraine was the best of my life.

Now I am leaving Ukraine, but as Oxana said to me, ( it’s the end of the first visit to my angel ) I am leaving my heart here, and I will come to check on him always, until it will be ready to live again inside me, thank you for everything Irina, Oxana and all the stuff, and thanks for my angel and for her smile that shined my life, and for you I say, this is the beginning of Us.

And for you who read this I say, you have a dream to be with someone not like anyone on earth, don’t be afraid to chat here, and then decide to come, and follow your dream as I did, and you will not regret…

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

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Dating is so personal thing and I never thought I would leave a testimonial about my personal experience. I do not know was it a coincidence or just a destiny, but I found my love online. I still thinking that how it come, that I want to live with the girl from another country, meanwhile thousands of them are around me in my country. I tend to believe it’s a destiny, I was in Ukraine for a job trip for a few months and joined They have English speaking staff, those mails helped me to just have a fun,… Read more »
I’ve been surfing the net for finding reviews. I have seen many bad reviews as well as good ones. What I want to say, I never had any bad experience with them. In comparison with the other websites, they look way much better, it is obvious, site is designed by professional staff. Content on the website is unique, photos look professional, but sometimes girls look like plastic dolls, but most of them are trying to look natural. Even though you may find profiles of aged women who are in late forty or even fifties. They do not hide any… Read more »
Hey you, scam lovers, I must confess that you won’t find scam girls here. I mean nowadays men are too much attentive with eliminating fraud cases. For example I can recognize scam letter as a first letter from girl to me. I can see word clichés and emotional phrases that would take my attention. It’s a kind of sample that warns me)) Like I met my queen from the first letter and became her darling )). But I was surprised here in UaDreams about how girls write their letters, they are interesting, vivid with some language mistakes but no money… Read more »

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