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On Feb 5, 2014 We (My Brother and I) visited the Family Dollar store #5270 located at 915 S. Arlington Rd In Akron, Oh. We attempted to use a Debit Visa Card to load $480.00 onto My Prepaid credit card to pay 2 bills. the first transaction went through just fine. The second transaction decline at the point of sale for some odd reason. So no big deal, but although the transaction was decline Family Dollar had still put an authorization on my card.

The Manager Ashley tells us that the authorization would fall off the next day, but when I call my card issuer tells me that the hold will fall off after 7 days. So I call Family Dollar Corporate office I speak to a lady Angela (who I believe is THE ONLY person who actually TRIED to help me the ‘CUSTOMER’). So I tell her what happened and she says they can put the money back on the card, but it could take up to 30 Business days. I responded OH no I need my money is the ANYthing that can be done PLEASE! So she says Let her do her research on the transaction and they maybe able to put the money on another card for me. So I am happy with the prospect of getting my money in days and not weeks.

Angela calls me the next day and tells me she is done with her research and once she gets in touch with the store she will contact me back. Angela from Corporate had been trying to call the store, but they weren’t answering the phone. So I try to call then send my brother over to the store to tell them something is wrong with their phone. The manager Ashley comes out from the back and very rudely and loudly tells him that the whole thing is a scam and punishable by jail time and that no one from corporate would call them and that the Angela lady is someone we got calling trying to run a scam and that nothing is wrong with the phone so I try to call while she is right there so she could see her phone wasn’t working and she just ignores us and walks to the back.

So at this point I am furious and and call the main corporate line back and leave a message for the district manager to return a call. The lady who I spoke to on the phone was really nice expressed her empathy over the situation and the amount of money it was and said she would see if they could call me back within the next 2 hours instead of in 3 days which they normally have to respond. (I actually NEVER get a call back from the district manager still til this day) So in the mean time Family Dollar instead of it just being an authorization pulls the $484.95 off my card!! So that is no big deal I think to myself at that moment since they are going to put the money on another card.

Angela calls me later to inform me that the district ,Manager declines allowing me to have the money put on another card and that I have to wait 7 to 30 business days for my money to be returned to the same card. WOW. So I wait a few days thinking okay maybe they just say 7 to 30 business days, but how couldn’t it be sooner.

Today is the 18th of Feb. 2014 still no refund of MY money. I called the regional Managers office and spoke to Michelle again and they tell me their risk assessment team decided O should wait for my money. What risk did Family Dollar stand to take by returning my money a.s.a.p. There was no doubt the funds were taken off my card and that they belong to me so now my money sits in their big bank account earning interest for them and I the little guy have to juggle to pay the bill that money was intended to pay.

Family Dollar 915 S Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio 44306

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