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I am a person with disabilities, no criminal record, and 100% bondable. In January 2013 I went into a homeless shelter for the first time in my life and was sexually harassed by an older male worker there within the first three nights after being released from the hospital for running from a man who had tried to harm me. Nothing was done to my knowledge.Within a month following this, a female counselor there released medical information about me that was personally damaging to my reputation and hugely incorrect to a landlord without my knowledge or consent. This resulted in me being stalked and harassed by a manager at the new building who was in possession of a handgun and on 10 different medications. When I filed my complaint, she stated that she and the landlord did this to “help each other out because they were friends”, Nothing was done to my knowledge.

In September 2014 I returned to the Salvation Army Shelter after facing harassment at the residence that the Salvation Army suggested I move into – it was another drug ridden building like the previous one. I was sexually harassed by another worker but did not disclose evidence of the incident until March 2014 due to how I was treated the year before when I told on their workers for misconduct. I had to beg to be allowed into the shelter, being told by the director that I was a liability. The worker had requested me to send him pictures of my breasts via text.

I began volunteering when I moved into my new place, a place I chose this time. I cleaned the soup kitchen floors and kitchen floors/garbages 5 days a week for 5 months. During this time I was sexually coerced by a worker into having unprotected sex and possibly exposed to MRSA by him, and in that same time period was groped by his co worker. I filed an RCMP complaint against the outreach worker who groped me, and am currently trying to find out if the other employee has MRSA but am not sure that the Salvation Army is going to provide me with that informed consent to information without a legal battle and court order. He either has it or he doesn’t, but it seems they would rather have me find out the hard way than confirm whether or not he has exposed me to an infectious disease. I have seen my doctor and am having blood tests run for EVERYTHING to be certain I am safe physically. The mental harm is another story, but I am getting through it.
The man who sexually coerced me seemed so kind and said absolutely everything he had to so as to get what he wanted. I should have known that meeting someone genuine and loving was never going to be that easy. 4 years of waiting for a relationship…this was not a good experience whatsoever. I think it will be a very very long time before I try to find someone again, and I pray to God that he did not do irreparable harm to me physically. I eagerly await my next doctors appointment in the hopes that my tests will be as good as my 2 physicals received 2 months prior – perfect.

D**n that deplorable place to Hell. The poor are better off without them. I truly mean every word of this. I would have been safer staying on the street than getting anywhere near that place – I thought the street people were my biggest danger…I was so truly wrong on that one. There are too many workers there who are true predators.

Salvation Army Shelter 45746 Yale Rd Chilliwack, BC Canada 604-792-0001

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