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I decided to have lunch @ fresh grocer today located on 56th & chestnut street in philadelphia, pa 19139 area. As i turned to walk towards and set up a table (which was very dirty, actually had to wipe it down myself) a very ignorant female employee with a ghetto attitude wouldn’t get out of my way although she had plenty of room and i had 2 large bags in my hands and a few condiments. I had to walk around this dumb broad soon as i sat at the table she walked over and rudely said “you can’t have all those condiments, you can’t be just taking all those like that they are not for free”!

I had a few jelly and yellow mustard packs yet 302 came @ me like this. I said all of what this isn’t much, but if it means that much to you, here take these (gave her about 5 mustard pks only) but every thing else stays with me as is about to be eaten. She looked stuck as if her pea brain was trying to figure out a come back. Of course it couldn’t, so she then goes over to the cook and loudly tells him “people are coming up here taking all the condiments like they are free or something, can you keep them behind the counter so if they need some they can ask”! She spoke exactly like that, illiterate nut job!

I was gonna let the entire matter go until this idiot went ahead and said that. I immediately reported her to a store manager and pointed her out to him as i was speaking. She notices and decides to walk over. This hoodrat flat out lied as sure as i was standing there and said she wasn’t talking about me, she was talking about the crackers. What f$#%!!! Crackers, there were none there when i grabbed what i needed, what the witch thought i didn’t notice. Then she told her manager i had a hand full of condiments and gave her some back. I told dude if he wanted to see what a liar she is come to the table the condiments are still there, i only gave her back about five (only because it was yellow, had it been guldens i wouldn’t have given her s#@%).

The manager thanked me for bringing the situation to his attention as his boss was watching the entire scene from a distance. The hoodrat turned my simple complaint into a scene, so i shrunk ms ghetto down to size she started walking away as i continued telling her she handled the entire situation wrong and needed to learn how to talk to people with respect.

The fact that she lied seriously angered me because i hate people who lie, even worse lie right to your face as if you’re supposed to just take it. The nerve of some people. I wish i owned that store, i’d fire her sorry a*s on the spot. I seriously do not know why employers keep such people on he job.

I tell you this, that ignorant hoodrat cost fresh grocer a $500 a week customer. I’ll be spending that weekly grocery cash at a market with employees that sow respect and know when to mind their business. Spasming out over a few condiments. Definitely a ghetto hoodrat, you’d think the s***k owned the whole d**n store that broad clearly has serious mental issues. The manager wasn’t much better. Although he acted as if he would take care of the situation by disciplining her, i watched them from afar (based on pure instinct) and noticed they were carrying on as if they were more than just coworkers. That’s when i knew i had to report what happened to corporate, i’m glad i did, it was obvious to me that my complaint had fallen on deaf ears. Just hope corporate takes it more seriously, then maybe i’ll start shopping there again, eventually.

Fresh Grocer – 5601 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Pa 19139

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