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On Feb.24 2010 I visited my local furniture store The Brick. I was just looking I did not intend to buy anything. A salesgirl showed me some sofa and chair sets. The sofa was 599.97 and the chair was 499.97 plus 174.83 tax and 45.00 for delivery. They looked okay but I wasn’t sure about the fabric. The salesgirl said if I paid an extra 199.99 for the 5 year extended blanket warranty the furniture would be replaced no matter what. She said I could take a knife and slit the cushions and the sofa and chair would be replaced. I told her no way was that right and a salesman also standing there backed up with what the salesgirl said about the warranty. I said okay I want that in writing and the salesgirl that’s what the 5 year blanket warranty covered. that was on my receipt.

A few months ago I noticed the back of the sofa had faded from the sun and there was a hole in the chair. I called The Brick and explained the problem. They sent a man out to take pictures and a couple of days later The Brick called to tell me the warranty didn’t cover the problem with the sofa or chair. I told them I was going to contact head office which I did. A few days later head office called to tell me that there was nothing they could do as the store was privately owned. When I was looking at my receipt I noticed it said please read the reverse for more information you should know! The reverse side was blank. When I asked the store about the sales persons claim about the warranty and I used their names I was told they were no longer with the store.

I am a disabled senior with a small pension and I can’t believe how my complaint was treated, the store couldn’t have cared less. I put my complaint on their website and they contacted me and said they would look into the matter again and again there wasn’t anything they could do. I noticed the store had advertisements on Facebook with a comment section so I told my story on each and every advertisement. The Brick contacted me and said if I didn’t stop they would ban me from the site. I told them I wasn’t going to stop so I was banned from the site. I have posted my story on facebook a lot just so people know that the salespeople will tell you anything to get you to buy but the store doesn’t back up their claims.

I wish I had never gone into the brick I feel so stupid for believing the lies the salespeople told me. I cannot afford to replace the furniture. I had saved a long time for the cash I paid for the sofa and chair but as I said The Brick couldn’t care less they made the sale and as far as they are concerned I am not worth bothering with. I am bitterly disappointed. I have told all my friends to tell their friends not to shop there. Altogether I paid 1,519.76 for what amounts to junk.

The Brick 34 Marshall Ave E North Bay, Ontario P1A1R1

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