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Telmate recordings at the Lake County Jail in Indiana say that if your family uses their credit/debit card your 15 minute calls will only be $2.95. Then they charge your card $14.29 and $16.99. My son Michael used his card to arrange cheap phone calls to me, his father, during a recent 2 week stay in the LCJ.

We have tried to get Telmate to reverse the charges, but they claim that is the true rate. You can only hear the recording from jail or when you are called from the jail. Their website does not provide costs per call or rates of any kind.

This is a scam outfit and the jails that let them in are party to this RICO act conspiracy to steal from both inmates and citizens. My bank tried to contact them tonight, got a rep on the phone, who once she heard the this call will be recorded announcement immediately told me that a supervisor would call me back to help with this act of theft.

Over an hour later still no call. Tomorrow I will call the bank and dispute ALL the charges as fraud. No other option it seems.

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