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Three weeks ago I spoke to a sales representative about Tax Exact software. I explained to the sales person I lived in Louisiana and had an accounting firm in Louisiana. All my clients are based in Louisiana. I was told that all fifty states were available for corporations returns and individual returns.

After I purchased the software, I found out when trying to download Louisiana for the corporations they told me Louisiana was not available for Louisiana. I asked to speak with a manager and explained that this software wouldn’t do me any good. I asked that my money be refunded to me since I notified them within three days. I was told I couldn’t get a refund and I was told Louisiana wasn’t available.

Why would I purchase a software package living and working in Louisiana since all my clients are based in Louisiana? I was lied to and the software misrepresented to me.

I tried calling and leaving six messages with no reply back to me. I feel that if a company doesn’t stand by it’s product it’s not much of a company.

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