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Upon agreeing to publish my book, I was transferred to a production person who sent the copy to an editor. The editor proceeded to change the format of the book as well as a key word throughout I, and they wanted to publish the book as fiction.

When I complained I was told “No problem, we’ll do it” and transferred to another person who came up with new points for me to consider and when I made some suggestion, I was told “We’ll do it” and transferred to another person.

After 2 years of this the book was finally published, as non-fiction (the only thing I actually got from them). I spoke with Kerry and told him how disappointed I was with the result and he told me they would fix it since they wanted me to be happy with the result.

After another 3 months I got a form from someone else that said if I wanted to make any changes it would be “$10 per word”. I wrote back saying I had been told there would be no charge.and sent them a clean copy.

Still waiting on a result.

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