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NO Royalty Payment: Delay of book deliverys: Refusal to license collegiate books

In the beginning Sept. 2011 this company was fabulous: the editors, the communication, the illustrator, marketing representative (He still is good) graphic designer, website and more. I was thrilled with the whole company. April 2013 things started to fall apart which is an ongoing issue which severely limits my book production. That is another story which is discussed 3 items below.

1. BUT now, Tate Publishing is NOT paying my royalties which were due the first week of November 2014. As of today, they are 6 weeks late. This has not happened until this quarter. Granted, it isn’t much money but the principle still holds. They have breached the contract and don’t seem to care. I am betting that the Board of Directors were paid as well as the staff but nothing for the authors. The excuse is/was a change of accounting companies who handled the authors royalties or rather, not handled the funds.

2. Also I had ordered over $750 worth of hardback books which were paid for at the end of July 2014. I was emailed that they would be delivered in Sept, then oops, in October, and the last email I had stated that the books would come by November 29. Three strikes, you are out! Not waiting until December, folks. Luckily I used Discover when I charged them, filed a complaint with Discover and my money was refunded.

3. In September 2011 BEFORE I signed a contract with Tate Publishing, I have written confirmation from Dr. Tate that “it is indeed the responsibility of the publisher to obtain the collegiate license for the book….” in his own words.

In April 2013 I found out that the company had not obtained the collegiate license with the CLC. Finally after much haggling and delay, they submitted an incomplete application in the fall 2013. The CLC repeatedly called and emailed the representative of Tate publishing but this company refused to communicate with the CLC and has been selling and knowingly indirectly stealing royalties from 2 universities. So much for a “Christian company”. I discovered at the end of July 2014 that Dr. Tate chose not to obtain the legal licenses. So is his company ABOVE the law? I wrote him and staff a “chew out ” letter. According to the CLC, only the publisher can obtain these licenses. I am stuck and just sick about it. My customers really enjoy the books. Since my 2 books aren’t licensed, I can’t sell them in stores that only accept CLC items so my business can’t succeed as well as I was led to believe in Sept. 2011.

I have contacted my attorney to see if this company is filing for bankruptcy. He said it might be too early to tell but will monitor the situation. By the way, this company didn’t respond to my attorney’s letter summer of 2013. They won’t communicate if the solution isn’t financially feasible. Another publisher who already has the 2 licenses my books require would love to take over but I can’t afford another fee.

I am up a creek without a paddle and left behind.

Tate Publishing Company – 127 East Trade Center Terrace Mustang, OK | 888-361-9473

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Wenona Clarice Thompson

You are not the only one they have scammed. Contact the OK Attorney General to register your claim and potentially be reimbursed (405) 521-3921. Ask to speak to Agent Fullbright


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