Plunging toilet each time we went for 3 days - Super 8 Hotels

We arrived here at 3:30 am on the 8th and was charged 51.17 for the night on the phone I was quoted we would pay 243.00 for our time here as I explained the price of a hotel we had booked but they said they did not have our booking. The guy that checked us in said that is all he could do and the manager would straighten it out in the morning. We that never happened.

Then for 3 days we had to plunge our toilet for 3 days they said the maintenance man was busy Well I can tell you this the hotel was never full. They did offer to move us after this however there were 3 of us completely unpacked and we had just driven 2500 miles.

The hotel is not taken care of except the front office, you get every other day cleaning in your room and to make things top the cake, There were huge piles of dog feces outside our door towards our car, I asked 3 days in a row to have someone pick it up they stated the maintenance man would get it each day however it is still there after 8 days and ever through the lawn being mowed.

This was the worst hotel stay we have had and we stay in hotels a lot. We spend 9 nights here and were charged for 10 this is not right.

Super 8 – 5505 Tinker Diagonal Del City OK # 4853

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