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A couple of years ago, when my husband was eating at Steak N Shake, when e was eating sundae and he chewed something crunchy. He swallowed some then took a piece out of his mouth. He showed the waitress who told him it was crystalized ice cream. He decided to eat more but this time found another piece and it really WAS glass. There were other pieces in the sundae. He had a sore throat for several days from the first piece scratching it. They didn’t even compensate him for it.

When our work place goes to Steak and Shake for our order is messed up EVERY TIME and someone has to go back to get the order corrected so employees won’t go there anymore.

My daughter called Steak N Shake from her cell to place an order. She waited a few minutes at her house still on hold and then drove there. No one EVER came back to the phone for her entire trip there which was 20 minutes. She told them to hang up their phone because she had arrived there and decided not to place her order and was going elsewhere.

This week I went to the drive through because my grandsons wanted to go home and not go inside. I ordered a #2, #3, a frisco melt, small fry, sundae, and shake. We got the 2 drinks, and in a few minutes a small bag with all 3 sandwiches and ONE fry. I waited till they came back and finally was able to tell them that we were missing food. They gave me one more fry and I waited for the rest.

When the very young man opened the window I gave him my receipt and said that we never received the small fry, the shake or the sundae. It was like pulling teeth to get my full order and the line was so long behind me. I felt terrible.

I waited for 20 minutes for everything. No apologies. My order is usually incorrect when I get brave enough to go back. I love their foid , especially the shakes.

Tonight my daughter decided to try again. The person taking orders couldn’t hear her so my daughter spoke very loud. The female could NOT get anything correct that she was trying to order and told my daughter to place her order at the window. It took her 15 minutes to get to the window. She couldn’t get out of the line. When she got there she asked for the manager, told her a short version of what happened, manager apologized, my daughter said they weren’t going to order anything and they would get supper at Arbys.

PLEASE listen to our complaints Steak and Shake and FIX IT.

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