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This is a letter that I wrote to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, a week ago today, and I haven’t gotten any response back at all. The matter has gotten worse, and one of the forementioned people in this letter has taken over and made the situation worse than what it already was. I have taken to Sprint‘s Facebook, and I’ve gotten some half hearted caring from Sprint, but no one taken real action.



I became a customer of Sprint Wireless back in December 2012. Right off the bat, I had problems, right after I signed up with Sprint, I was never told that I was going to be charged for being a customer of Sprint in the form of a Spending Limit Fee. The rep in your corporate store as well as prior a customer service/sales rep over the phone never said anything. NOT GOOD, POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE.

Next, I was supposed to get a discount for the company I work for. Took over 6 months to finally get it applied and money credited back to my account. Also NOT GOOD.

In between, I had to deal with Customer Service and Collections reps that shouldn’t be working with people at all, bad attitudes and wanted to talk over you and keep talking the whole time. NOT GOOD.

I made my last payment at the end of Jan 2014, Since then for a month and a half, I had technical issues out the ying yang. Poor call quality, low volume with the caller that I called, feedback hearing myself talk, people not being able to hear me, but I could hear them, dropped calls and delayed or not sent texts at all. I contact Customer Service several times who then transferred me to tech support. Needless to neither of these departments took my issues seriously, blaming the phone and saying that Sprint has a super computer that can tell them exactly how many issues I had, a lie and a joke, they were clueless both departments. I brought the issue up to your Executive team after being lied to several times that a Manager would contact me and never did.

When I spoke to a guy in your Executive team, he didn’t take the issue seriously also, I asked him for a full credit and take my balance down to $0. He refused, he did however give a half hearted credit of $50 plus tax to make himself look good. I never accepted and the credit was applied anyway.

After getting off the phone with him, I filed an online complaint with the State of CT Public Utility Regulator Authority. They received the complaint, and it was forwarded onto your company. It was assigned to Alithia B in your Executive Regulatory Team. She responded back to CT PURA, but to this day hasn’t sent me anything in writing at all, I got her name and information from PURA. I contacted her on March 26th, after pulling teeth with her and going round and round and her refusing to accept and apologize for any problems. Alithia gave a $50, what she called courtesy credit. When she did that, she never checked to see if any prior payment arrangements or future payment arrangements were on my account. Which called me major league headaches, which I’ll get to. Also, Alithia didn’t apply that credit to a past balance, which makes no sense, in any business if a credit is giving you take care of the rares or past balance first. Which also added to the problem I’m going to get to.

On April 22, I called in for an extension on my payment arrangement, I contacted the main CS number, and spoke to a collections rep, who said that I had to pay $50 then they would be able to give me the extension. Previously, I did speak with an Anaid in Special Finance in Arizona, and refused to give me her ID#, but did guarantee that I would have no problems getting an extension of my payment arrangement. Unfortunately, she lied and I had problems. Those problems turned into a bigger problem, when I contacted Alithia B. Alithia gave attitude and refused to help me, prompting me to ask her to speak to her manager. She refused and stated that’s she is your second in command. Eventually, she did call me back to inform that someone from Sprint financial would call me back, that person called back at 5:30 pm, my time, I started working on the problem at 7:30 am that morning. 10 hours to complete and take care of a problem. UNACCEPTABLE.

Last Tuesday, I called and contacted Alithia again to get one last extension on my payment arrangement. Unfortunately, got an an attitude from her again. She even hung up on me, prompting me to call back, and we went through that several times until she threatened to contact the authorities and press harassment charges. Nice way to treat a customer.
In between, I spoke to 2 other people, Benjamin Parker-Collections Manager, wanted to keep talking over me and push me to the point that I lost my patience and I screamed at him. The other was Charlie Ramos-Collections, bad attitude, and claimed that he did everything like Benjamin Parker. Even had an high almighty attitude.

I was finally able to reach someone in corporate office, it was Jerry Williams-Customer Service Director. Jerry was helpful, and informed me that he had Kerry Crutchfield working on my case and that she was going to call me. Kerry did grant another extension until tomorrow. In total once again was 10 hours to take care of the matter.

I contacted Jerry Williams and Kerry Crutchfield again today, to see if I could some more time on the extension. Jerry didn’t want to help, and referred me back to Kerry. Kerry called me back, and also didn’t want to help me. After she hung up, she had DJ from Texas call me. DJ was helpful and nice. Unfortunately, it’s not what I want, what she’s offering.

With all due respect, your Customer Service skills in people within your company sucks. I hope you see the same.

In conclusion, I would like my total balance of $341.27 erased and my balance taken down to $0. I have never been treated like this in this manner ever.

I would appreciate, if this matter was taken care of today. I need my phone on, for several reasons. I need it for the job I’m going to start tomorrow, also I have medical conditions that don’t warrant a call to 911 but to my doctors that treat me if my phone is turned off tomorrow it’s not going to be good.

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