SmartPay basically stole $200 from me. - SmartPay

Dear Sir/Madam (Of American Arbitration Association, filed August 6, 2014):

I purchased a phone from MetroPCS on 5/9/14 and paid for it with a SameAsCash loan from SmartPay (original paperwork enclosed).

I paid the initial $132.50 payment when I purchased my phone on 5/19/14, the second payment on 6/19/14, and was going to pay the remaining balance of $284.94 on 7/19/14.

The week prior to my final payment, I lost my debit card and had to have it cancelled. On 7/18/14, before my final payment was due, I called customer service to explain that I lost my card and to see how I could pay the balance. The customer service rep said that the only way to pay was with a debit card. I told him that I didn’t have the new card yet and would not have it until the following week, as it comes via the US Postal Service. He said that he would make a note in my file of this, and that I should call back when I got the card to make the final payment. I asked if there would be any penalty or added charge because I was past the due date. The rep said no, that because he put in my history that I lost my card and would call to pay the balance when I received the new one, that I would not be charged additional fees or penalties. I confirmed with him a second time that my amount due would stay the same. He confirmed this.

It’s nice that there is only one way to pay, leaving no option to pay if you have an issue with your card. Plus, on the second page of the contract, it says “With Early Payoff, if you complete your payments in 90 days, it’s the same as cash.” Which I did. Was paying it off in 60 days. Scam.

On July 21, I received my new debit card and called SmartPay to pay the balance of my account. I was told that I owed an additional $198.75 as a lease fee (a 2 day lease). I explained what had happened and about my call on 7/18/14. The rep then said that I wasn’t charged a penalty, that it went into a lease and that I could either pay the additional $198.75 to pay it off or keep it as a monthly lease which would end up being an additional $500+ to my original purchase price. I spoke to a supervisor, who was also no help to me. They said that there was nothing that could be done after it went into a lease. I just had to pay the additional money. Thievery.

I emailed my complaint to SmartPay via (5/23/14), via (5/24/14), and via their website on 5/24/14, explaining all that has happened, asking for help to rectify this situation, as I was told there would be no additional charge. My intention was to never use SmartPay as a lease program, but to use the “SameAsCash” option. This is why I called customer service with my issue before the due date.

On 7/22/14, I provided SmartPay my new account number to pay the original balance of my account ($284.94). They said that they could only put $132.50 on it or the payoff amount (almost $489.69). So, with this in dispute, on 7/22/14, I paid the $132.50, leaving a remaining balance of my original “SameAsCash” loan of $152.44, and the additional fraud fee of $198.75.

On July 31, I called back to see what had been done with my complaint. They said I had to pay the additional money. They said that the customer service rep noted on my July 18 call that I had lost my card and would call back when I received it. He said there was nothing written about me not getting additional fees. I asked him why he thought I called before the due date to pay the amount due if I wanted it to go into a lease. He just kept saying he was sorry and there was nothing he could do. I asked if the July 18 phone call was recorded. He said yes, and said that he and his supervisor listened to it and nothing could be done. I asked if I could hear the recording, and was told no. I was told to write to headquarters.

On 8/5/14, I paid off the $351.19 (original balance of $152.44, plus the stolen $198.75 – the amount in dispute) because I don’t want this wonderful company to hurt my credit in addition to stealing money from me. Please help me to get the $198.75 back from these thieves, which is what they charged me after saying there would be no additional charges.

SmartPay from Blue Wireless 285 West End Blvd Quakertown, PA 18951

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