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I went to the Smart Style hair Salon in Morrow, Ga yesterday afternoon at 2:26 pm and didn’t get out until 5:30 pm and this stylist only had one other client.The stylist name is Stephanie, she’s short, dark skinned, and has short hair. At first she seemed sweet, a nice attitude, and like she knew what she was doing until I noticed and discerned that she not only didn’t know what she was doing BUT she also doesn’t know how to listen as well.

I expressed to her of previous bad experiences I had with other Stylists so that she would’ve listened, been attentive, and not do the same exact things to me and my hair and make this another terrible,traumatizing,and bad hair style experience. But I told her that my hair is naturally oily and doesn’t need any oil and how about Stephanie puts oil serum in my hair and sees exactly what I’m talking about and then costed me two more hours of being in the salon because she had to rewash my hair all over again?

Then she didn’t even know how to curl and style my hair right and was putting too much effort into it and actually messing it up! And I know my hair and when someones not doing right and then it all goes downhill from there, and thats what happened with Stephanie the rude with a nasty attitude stylist.

I got up the next morning and when I took my hair down,do you know all of my curls was gone,my hair was fluffy, and it looked like nobody did anything to my hair?! I was pissed and totally disappointed and disgusted and upset! I knew she didn’t know how to do my type or texture of hair and now I’m totally pissed, and then when I texted her about it she had the audacity to be rude, mean, and catch a nasty attitude with me! When she was the one who did me and my hair wrong totally! She directed me to talk to Hector but yet everytime I called she kept answering the phone,lying saying he wasn’t there, and then when I asked her when would he be in she kept lying saying she was with a client.

Wowzers, what a horrible and terrible experience I’ve had with this nasty and rude attitude stylist named Stephanie! Never again will I go there and she definitely NEEDS to be written up and terminated as well. My goodness, shame on her for how she misrepresented Smart Style hair salon,and shame on the business if they don’t do anything about her actions or refund me my money.

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