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I purchased a pair of boots from Shoespie via an ad that I clicked on from Facebook. I paid >$40, waited around 4wks, received a pair of boots that were probably size 8.5 (not size 10 which is what I ordered). The boots have such a strong chemical odor they are unwearable.

My compliant is with the Shoespie customer service. They refuse to issue a return authorization and seem to be dodging and avoiding my emails. They have requested numerous pictures (which have been provided) to show the sizing discrepancy. I’m not sure how they expect me to document the chemical smell via picture, but, I sent them yet another picture of the boots anyways since they requested it.

I am now into month 2 of trying to return these poor quality boots to Shoespie. My advice: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OFF THIS WEBSITE.

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