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I purchased some special occasion pumps to watch with a Tiffany themed party I will be attending. The shoes took forever to arrive. So much so, that at one point I figured I had been scammed.

When the finally arrived, the chemical smell emitting from them was so strong, they had to be placed outside. That is where they continue to reside. Upon opening the broken box, I find a cheaply made heel with glue stains on both shoes, the inside sole thrown together and the bow on the side which was barely hanging on.

I immediately emailed them. It’s been months and countless emails asking for pictures. Pictures of which I kept sending. Finally I snap shot my prove in an email back. This morning I received an email with an offer of $8 discount.

There are no words for my frustration. They can keep their $8! I’d rather be proactive in letting everyone know to NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE!

What a shame that companies like these are able to do business like this.

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