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Im in Kitchener the gas station on 4574 king st east had one side of there sign say 103.9 and the other 113.9. I pulled in thinking 103.9. pumped my gas went and double checked the sign 103.9.

Went in to pay and told the head guy about the sign. He sent the other employee out to check the sign and came back in and said 103.9. I asid see i want the difference, he sent the guy back out to check the sign and he came back and said 113.9.

I called bullshit on them and he did nothing played it off like i was blind. I think shell need to hire more honest employees. I will not buy gas from shell and i will tll others how they operate.

Shell Gas Station – 4574 King St Kitchener Kitchener Ontario N2P2G6 

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