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I went to Shell gas station and had mine and my husband’s Winn-Dixie rewards card. One had a $0.30 off per gallon but I couldn’t figure out which one cuz they both look similar. So i slid both cards in at the pump and it didn’t show me how much rewards I had like it usually does at other Shells. So i thought something was wrong with the machine and went inside.

Walking up to the register a Hispanic cashier awaits me with looks of having an attitude already. I approached nicely and explained what happened out there. She replies back, “well you’re jus going to have to call Winn-Dixie tomorrow.” I informed her that I have been to other Shells and they’ve been able to help me with a situation like this. She got annoyed and said with an attitude that she will run it through the register to check. So she did. She ran card #1. Then said for me to give her the amount pumping and the credit card. I told her I need to know how much I’m saving cuz I’m supposed to have 30 cents off gas but I don’t know which card. She told me I need to pump thru the register or go outside because she can’t tell me how much. She started giving me attitude.

I asked her if I can check my other card and she got real annoyed and told me I can’t slide both cards at the same time then she reached over and pressed the “cancel” button and told me she’s canceling that transaction. I asked if I can check the other rewards card…. She got mad and said I can’t run the card again in her system In the same transaction. She completely lost me there. So i asked why can’t I because you just cancelled that transaction and this will be a new transaction with a different rewards card. She got loud and said “don’t you understand what I said? Don’t you understand that in my system you can’t slide the card one on top of the other!? And youre not even supposed to have 2 cards. You can only have 1!!” So I told her….

Look you are being really rude so let me just run my first card again and go pump.  she got very upset and that’s when she started yelling at me. Her exact words were “Don’t be calling me rude because I’m not being rude to you.” I stopped her and said… Excuse me can you please stop yelling at me? She continues to be irate and yell at me, “I’m not yelling at you. You want me to yell at you? Cuz if you want me to yell at you I will yell at you!!” and she kept on and was using her fingers and moving her body and arms around Like she was threatening to do something to me.

I was very upset with this service. So i ignored her and I said “look you are yelling at me and you are being very rude so let me just swipe my card and go pump.” she then tells me with an attitude “no! Get out of my store!”

And I left out to the pump and jus pumped what I could and left. I will never go to that place ever again. Clearly she had had a bad day and started putting it out on others. People like that belongs outside of customer service work.

Shell Gas Station – 4900 Ulmerton Rd Clearwater, FL 33760

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