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Teddy Ray Hayes Jr Denied me the purchase of 2 packs of cigarettes because the employee allowed his personal opinion over ride his professional conduct.

It is of my opinion, that a sales clerk should maintain a professional and courteous tone when a customer walks in to make a purchase. Despite what his/er personal feelings are about the customer. They are representing SHELL, a global company.

I went in to buy 2 packs of cigarettes from a SHELL station in Pilot Mountain, NC. I have been there several times to buy Cigs and/or to buy gas. It is one of the nicer stores in the area.

But on This day, February 17th, 2014, @ approximately 3:20pm, When I went in, I saw a new face behind the counter. It was, Teddy Ray Hayes Jr,  the brother of an Ex-GF. Yes, we are no longer together and yes, it was not a pleasant breakup. During the last 2 1/2 years, I was paying her mortgage with the promise that she would repay me, but instead, she dove under the blanket of bankruptcy and may be getting out of paying me back.

When I asked the clerk for two packs of cigs, he told me to go buy them somewhere else and to get the F^&*K out of the store. I asked if I could talk to the manager, and he again used this language and said the manager was not there. So I asked when the manager would be in. He replied in the morning. Then I asked what his hours where and he replied, “None of your F%^&*king business”. I replied, I wanted to know so I could come in here when he was not there.

As I began to walk out, he said I was trespassing, and I replied, that I was not. He said “hand me the phone, I’m calling the cops”. So I responded, go ahead. So, I started walking out of the store, and before I knew it, he was right behind me. I said, OK, you asked me to leave, so I am leaving, why do you want to continue this conversation here? He made another smart-a$$ comment about, “what are you going to do, send me a subpoena”? I replied, “NO, but I will talk to your manager”.

So, does an employee have the right to refuse service based solely on his personal relationship with a customer? Does he have the right to state that a devoted customer is trespassing? Is it professional conduct to use foul language?

Shell – Pilot Mountain, NCTeddy Ray Hayes Jr. – 703 US 52 bypass HWY 268 Pilot Mountain, North Carolina 7041 336-386-9858

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