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My life has been totally ruined by a bunch of scumbag scam artists. forced insurance, they totally ignore you even have your own insurance with the same company for over a decade now. my loan was bought by these creeps and from day one they refused my monthly payment by adding on insurance that I already had and totally ignoring it.

Customer help is a zero at the best. they will keep adding late fees even when you are not late. get yourself a lawyer because they will file for foreclosure almost immediately. Your monthly payments will go from what ever you were paying before to four times the amount with forced insurance polices that are totally bogus and unneeded. you can fax, mail call your existing policy in until your blue in the face.

Even my lawyer is having a tough time we ended up filing a lawsuit against these scum because they will refuse anything to do with you. basically anyone who is a debt collector which these are and is allowed to become a mortgage servicer should be a red flag on its own and should not be legal.

I am disgusted, and totally disillusioned with the system any longer and my advice to anybody thinking of becoming a home owner to avoid it due to the fact the banks have truly become so dishonest buying whoever they need to work on there side.

Don’t believe me just Google it and your see for yourself all the news coverage on what’s going down here now in south Florida. The corruption is so bad the only way I hold it all together now is knowing I have a beautiful family 3 kids and loving wife to come home to at night. I can only imagine what these scumbags have got to come home to. may you rot in hell Seterus.

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