My Mortgage was sold to Seterus by Bank of America, unfortunately I was never told until a letter came in the mail telling me they were my new mortgage provider. I just had to deal with this company I never heard of, that obviously can not get any people to sign a mortgage with them willingly, they have to steal them from other companies without the holders knowledge. The first problem I had was a week into our “relationship” I was making a payment and you have to pay to make a payment, my online access had been closed because of “late fees” I owed bank of America, from an agreement I made with them to tact it on at the end of my loan, but nope not Seterus they were going to foreclose on me the very minute they got a hold of my mortgage if I didn’t pay all the late fees up to date, so I forked that over after their constant phone calls and the constant bullying and threats made against me. I owned a small business and was in a car accident and then diagnosed with a very serious back disease that will never be cured, they could have cared less every time I made a payment it was somehow put towards LATE FEES AND THEY WOULD NOT ACCEPT Anything but the full amount owed, then after speaking with someone on the months to pay to get caught up I paid it, only to speak with someone else a monthly later to tell me I was still a month behind.

I begged them to go over the “previous” call and they would not, and said if I didn’t pay, guess what, my house would go into foreclosure. They bully me with this threat once a month. I am now getting assistance with a month of my mortgage; I have been approved for help with half of my payment, I made my other half, and the company helping me is waiting on a W9 form from Seterus, it has been two months since we have requested it, I have talked to countless “idiots” and they have put countless “notes” but no W9 I can not pay Mays until April is taken care of and it cant be taken care of until we get this W9.

I finally got it in the mail today and guess what it is a W9 for me to fill out, the company needed a W9 filled out with Seterus’s info, I just cant believe how this company is killing time so bad, they are trying to make me go into foreclosure and if this W9 is not sent in time for April to be paid so I can pay May, they wont even accept the payment unless everything is paid at once even late fees, the deadline is June 1 and if I don’t get the info from them by then I will have to pay over 5000.00 or I will be in foreclosure for a home I have put my blood sweat and tears into, and to have a company play games with my livelihood is just wrong, it is like they don’t want any payments and are mad I am getting assistance to get them their money, I am sickened by this company and am looking into taking legal action if their is a case, this should not happen to anyone ever! I will fight to keep my home especially when a company is pushing me to lose my house, don’t ever go with this mortgage company if you have a choice, my guess is the only mortgages they get are the ones sold to them, they will not have my house I can bet you that and I will make sure this company is liable for their actions!

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Seterus did the samething and more to me also. They procrastinate on getting information totheir customers with the intent to foreclosure on your property. Theypretend to assist you when all along they want you to lose your home. Whilewaiting 13 months for their help put me behind $16,455 then be told we can’t help you save your home; however $23,550 is needed to reinstate your loan or we can assist you with a quick sale or proceed with foreclosure. I am still in shock and disbelief. If you feel you have also been taking advantage of by Seterus; I encourage… Read more »

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