They are trying to ruin my credit - Seterus

fed up with the games! you people are trying to ruin my credit! Asking for money that has been already paid!

This has been going on since suntrust gave our mortgage to this so called company. They claim everything is recorded not once have we heard back from a SUPERVISOR and we ask everytime claims of missed payments claims of fees from 2012 and asking now # months behind AGAIN because of this so called company I have had to require duplicates on checks and direct emails from my bank showing seterus cashing checks

this is by far THE WORST company EVER always trying for FRAUD! My next step is consumer affairs Better Business Bureau and Bank. gov and my local assembly man for help!

You have tried to lie and make up false payments when We indeed have paid you and have copies of all checks i just sent march over because @ phone calls for missed payment so bank sent copy of the check you cashed any questions please feel free but please be a person in charge or at least a manager! They called today twice for march payment sent fax to prove

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