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I saw an ad on aol for a free trial product for 2 skin care products. I expected to get sample sizes.The products are Biofinite and Creme del Mar. I ordered both only to find out later that the 14 day trial starts the moment I the order is placed, before I even receive the product and it is an automatic subscription! They will charge automatically $87.63 on day 14 and $87.63 per product every month until you figure it out!

I must call in and cancel both the trial and subscription before 14 days from the date I saw the ad or about 1 week from when I receive it. I received the product on day 6 and so I call immediately to cancel everything and I am supposed to then ship the product back to them? There is no statement of what to do with it if I don”t like it or can”t afford $170 a month for skin cream.

Where is the “free” anything or time for a trial?

I have heard of scams like this before. I am lucky to have thought to search out the fine print in a link on the ad to be prepared to cancel the product immediately before they bill my account another charge for each product on top of the 4.95 shipping. The products are Biofinite and Creme del Mar. After an argument on the phone, they said go ahead and keep the product. I am so angry and tired of the consumer being trapped into scams like this! If they really have a good product why not state up front the requirements instead of hiding it deep in fine print.

Never did it state that I had to return the product and when I call they tell me about the return address where I can return the product with no postage paid. I got mad enough that they said I can keep it, but this is obviously a scam that people will not have enough time to short circuit unless they really are on top of it and suspicious. It is too good to be true and now that i don’t have to race to the post office and return it, I may get a chance to see if the product IS any good at all. I hate set ups for failure. They are asking for a complaint.

I bet you they will have a class action law suit against them in no time. The terms and conditions lead you to believe you need do noting and then further along they tell you they are going to charge you for the bottle that was supposed to be the “free trial”. Also they are advertised together but then listed seperately so you have to call both companies when they are clearly linked in reality. You”d have to file 2 lawsuits and file 2 complaints. Double Trouble! This is misleading if not false advertisement. Consumer Beware!

The products are Biofinite and Creme del Mar but the advertising companies are Exclusive advertising LLC and Apex Advertising LLC both in San Diego | Biofinite and Creme Del Mar – San Diego CA 92127 and 92110

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Well, forget the saying: “with age comes wisdom” I am in my late 70’s (probably as vain as ever!) and fell for the FREE TRIAL offer. The trial offer came. Then I continued to receive the Biofinite, . Naturecel, and CremeDelMar ,Knowing I had not signed up for any of these, I became very suspicious at the mailing and delivery : each time a package arrived with absolutely no address for return item, no ID of the product. I admit to overlooking my charge statements and missed the outrageous charges. However, when i recently realized the enormous cost for these… Read more »
It just happened to me except I never saw the fine print at all. This is the email I just received from them when I expressed my surprised at being charged $87.63 each from Biofinite and Creme Del Mar. I called my Master Card and placed a complaint and I’m disputing the charges. As a courtesy to me they will credit my card 50% of the price of each so I’d still have to pay 87.63 + the $8.80 I’ve already paid. What a cunning, underhanded, dishonest way of doing business. Beware, Hello, At this time, you have been charged… Read more »

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