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On sept. 20th i made an electronic deposit on the phone to chase bank as i always do every month, for my car payment, i give them my ck.Routing # and acount #. I have been doing this for a long time now. I changed banks from bank of america To wells fargo bank thinking they were a better bank. I am on social security disability and i watch my money very carefully!

When i made my payment on sept 20th, 2013, i took the check out of my check book and i always write on the check what it was used for. I write void, then car payment, they normally give me a conf. #, but this time wells fargo did not. I make my car payment first every month, it is my priority bill!

I call wells fargo up and i use my bank card to make the payment. About 10 days or so had passed by, i hadn’t heard anything from wells fargo, however, i did get a letter from chase, where my car is financed through. They stated in there letter that they never received the sept payment. Chase told me, when i called them about this matter that they submitted the check to my bank, wells fargo, and someone at wells fargo had sent my check back saying my account was closed! I had been with wells fargo about 8 or 9 months by then, and i told chase that was impossible! Chase insisted that wells fargo returned my check to them as account closed.

I immediately called wells fargo up and talked to a supervisor there and gave them all my information, she said she wasn’t showing that check# in the system at all, but i remember talking to a man at wells fargo when i made my payment. I do my phone payments one at a time, and always start with mt car payment! I always have in the past.

I looked at my bank account and the 370.53 was not in my account at all. I keep a record in my check book as well as writing all information on the electronic ck. The supervisor at wells fargo told me that they would do an investigation and get back with me, and so did chase! I heard back from chase and they stood by what they were told by wells fargo, my account was closed. I did not hear anything back from wells fargo for some time, so i called them several times to get answers from them and they kept telling me that the check never came through! If that is true, then where is my 370.56? Why is chase saying that wells fargo told them my account was closed, when it wasn’t? Wells fargo will not answer me on any of this.

I pulled my money out of wells fargo and i am now banking with chase. However, chase would like their car payment, it is showing me a month behind and they have been working with me and not charging me the fees and letting me pay just the total. I am going to have to make a double car payment this month, but i am hoping chase will let me break that down into half this month and half next month. In the mean time, wells fargo wont let me close my account and they are putting a lot of fees on me! Wells fargo keeps taking all kinds of fees from my account and i dont know where these fees are coming from! I deposited over 4000.00 before that, to pay off my bills, which didnt come out to even 3200.00 and wells fargo absorbed every cent of that money.

I went in to talk to them about that also and saw so many fees, i didnt know what was what, but i do know that they absorb every penny of that money, and i believe it was about 4700.00. I could not come up with any amount of figures that could possibly show them needing to take all my money.

Now they are saying i owe them about 200.00 or so to their bank, all in fees. I need your help desperately! I dont have this kind of money to lose, and i certainly cant afford all these extra fees! Please help me, i am sorry it took me so long to get to you on this, but wells Fargo kept saying they were looking into this, and then i went up north for Christmas to visit my daughter and grandchildren in Nebraska and couldn’t get back. I was cancelled due to weather.  I would very much appreciate your help. Both banks are here in Houston off off hwy 6 north. Wells Fargo is at hwy 529 and hwy 6n. Thank u so very much for your attention!

Please help me! Thank you!

Wells Fargo Bank Hwy 529 | Hwy 6 N Houston, Texas 77084

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