Mistakes Costs Me Bad Credit Rating For 7 Years - Sears

STAY AWAY FROM SEARS! I was charged from Sears/Chase for a purchase that was returned and not credited to me. Once it was Finally resolved after fighting with them I never set foot or ordered again from Sears for two years.

Today I tried to apply for a credit card and was denied due to this incident and my credit rating is now blacken for a period of 7 years.

I tried to call Sears head office and to this moment cannot get the right department of who I have to speak with. I have been transferred several times and have made a complete circle and have even been connected with another company that says they always get calls for sears all the time because they hit the number 1 instead of 4. Another mistake of Sears, but at least this one doesn’t cost me for the rest of my life.

I would highly recommend IF you do shop at Sears that you double copy EVERY transaction and purchase you make with them as it could damage you for the rest of your life, and good luck trying to find someone to help you rectify it. It’s amazing how it takes someone a second to mess up your life and a lifetime to correct their mistake.

SEARS – Canada 800-664-1888

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