Scared of this company called Seterus - Seterus

My loan was transferred to Seterus by Citi Mortgage. Citi Mortgage never notified me of this change until after I received a “Good bye” email letting me know they had attempted to mail me a letter.

This is false. Citi-Mortgage claimed that Seterus would take over my loan as of October. Seterus will not speak to me on my loan. They said Citi-Mortgage has not mailed them any of my documents. I have no statement.

I have no idea who to pay. No one can give me information on my mortgage. They are purposely making me late to default.

What is going on here? We are going into November and Seterus still claims they have no information while Citi-Mortgage claims they no longer service my loan! Help!

I have read so many bad reviews about Seterus. I am very frightened.

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