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I opened an account on, and played their games for cash prizes, after a couple of weeks I had won $160, so I filled out a withdrawal for to see if it was for real. They said it could take up to 14 days for the withdrawal to go through, on day 14 I asked where my withdrawal was, and got an email asking for my ID. which I promptly forwarded.

Next day my account was blocked, when I asked why? They said that their security program thought that I was “too good” and did I have an explanation. I said no, and that was the last time that I heard from them! No money, not even the $75 not even the $150 I spent on the site to earn the $100 withdrawal amount (I kept playing during the 14 day waiting period)

So, if I was so “good” as they put it, why was I actually not ahead? I also asked why they waited 14 days before deciding that there was a problem? No reply to that.

Bottom line save your money and time!

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I play royalgames I checked online the site is up and running BUT WON’T LET ME IN. what kind of crap is that??????????

Just posting from the other side of things. I’ve had an account with them since 2003, and I’ve probably made about $1000 in withdrawals over the years without any problems. Granted, my largest withdrawal at one time was less than $160, but I’ve never had a problem getting my money. It hits my PayPal account within a week or so each time. I’m sorry you had this issue, though.

Im having the same issue kinda.

I made a 12 dollar deposit when i signed up, then I won about 240 dollars, when i signed up they gave me a 18 dollar bonus which i had to play 4x that amount so 72 dollars and i have played well over 3000 games and have spent well over 72 dollars in fact my balance is now 70 dollars but for some reason when i go to withdrawl it says nonwithdrawble funds is actually more then i have in my account and it goes up every day.

Same happened to me. Cheats…

Same thing happened to me. I had put a small withdrawal through, and managed to accumulate some more winnings in the 14 day waiting period that I wanted to withdraw. I though if I kept my balance low I could never really lose too much but on day 13 they asked for ID with no real explanation as to why they wanted this but I reckon they just didn’t want to have to pay out £100! Con artists!

I haven’t had many problems with them in 10 years of playing but they have a nasty habit of putting my ranking up in Keyword without warning on a regular basis (usually by a few thousand so that I can’t play most of the tournaments). This came to a head the other day when I received a cryptic message from “Glen” (one of the administrators on the site) to say that they’d blocked my account due to suspected “tactical losses” to keep my ranking down. I wrote back to say that it was a total outrage to accuse me of… Read more »

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