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On 1/23/2014 I received a flyer for a $50.00 gift card from Walmart.. which states call now to claim my $50.00 gift card from Walmart, plus it says I’m entitled to receive up to 3 issues of my favorite magazines, absolutely RISK_-FREE. Hurry! this is valid for a limited-time only.

So I called the # 800-590-3048, so I called the number and spoke with a woman who tried to get me to buy three different magazines, I had to pick three of my favorite ones, which they didn’t have any of my favorite magazines. so I picked three I might, now I had four weeks from the day I called to cancel the magazines. and according to them they were going to send me a form to fill out for the $50.00 Walmart gift card.

Well I never received the form, and when I called them back to find out where the form was, a rep by the name of Jason told me, that it looks like cancelled my order on 1/23/2014, I told this guy he was full of s%^t, because I cancelled my order on or about 2/ 7/ 2014 and I wanted to know why they had not sent me the form, he said they don’t send out forms, and I told him I contacted this # 866-933-3143 and I spoke with Linda, who told me to call you people to get the form. he said I am sorry but you cannot get the gift card now, because their offer has expired. I told him that was where he was wrong, and that I intend on filing a formal complaint with the DOJ of Oregon. He says go ahead and hangs up on me. How rude.

First off this offer has to last a month, because you have thirty days in order to cancel the magazine subscriptions, and according to Linda, they are to send the document for me to fill out, and I told her, well they didn’t. and Jason told me my time has expired and she told me, he was wrong you still have two days left, I said that they were rip-offs and I’m going to get my free $50.00 gift card. One way or another, so that’s why I’m here.

I want my $50.00 Risk Free gift card. I have the flyer that came in the mail, On 1/23/2014, and I kept a record of who I spoke with and days I spoke to them, so if you can get these con artist to pay or, well lets just say out of the kindness of my heart, no Boom-boom or pun intended. This is getting to be a bad way of life in the united stated, now I see why people are denouncing U.S. citizenship. Its so Un-American and our Government allows this crap to go on. what a $50.00 rip-off.

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now it’s in fancy print on a gold and white postcard. They go by 1-800-481-0650 in MO

I just received this flyer as well, I was gonna call and claim this 50.00 gift card… Before doing so I felt the need to investigate it online first, I’m so glad I did and avoided this turmoil.. By the way I’m in Kentucky and the number on my flyer is 1-800-488-9046

Thank you for saving me the time and headache. I was deciding whether or not to call the # while waiting for the fire in my burn barrel to die down. I did an online search wondering what “the catch” was. I found your complaint, & instantly tossed it in the barrel too.
Misleading = deception = lying. I have a zero tolerance for all forms of skulduggery.

They sent the flyer which looks very “real” with my Qlink government phone. I looked up the number and was not found. Its pretty sad they put these flyers in with ppl who r getting government phones…wow how low can u go scamming poor ppl now too!!!!

The new number is 18003788662

Now the number is 1-800-978-2994

Back in full swing apparently, got mine today ,the new number is 972 332 0587 . Postcard is stamped from Alabama but 972 is in Texas. If Walmart was giving away gift cards they would have sent them. I already knew it was a scam from the photoshopped pics on the card, they look exactly like homemade fliers, and of course the disclaimer of not being affiliated with Walmart and restrictions apply. Why is this type of fraud legal? Plenty of times I was promised a pre paid visa for buying or signing up for something ,only once did I… Read more »

The number has changed on the flyer. It is 1-800-596-8086. Same flyer different number.

Thanks for the reports which helped me decide that the similar offer stuffed in my check order is a scam. It says, “Your order entitles you to a $50.00 Walmart Gift Card!” “Plus you are entitled to receive up to 3 issues of your favorite magazines, absolutely Risk-FREE.” Call Today While Supplies Last! 1-800-499-2348″ Other than the phone #, there is no identification of who is making this offer, and the phone # doesn’t show up in an online search. Seems very suspicious to me, and I’m perturbed that a bank check printing company would be involved in passing along… Read more »

I also received a 50 dollar walmart gift card, and after reading your complaint I will zip the bogus offer . If walmart wants to send a 50 dollar card they will send one of their and not claim to give me free money after I buy their magazines like these scammers are doing. Thank again for posting. We need more people like you to let us know what is going on.


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