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I bought a new sim card for my phone because the old one got damaged. The person i talked to on the phone gave me a new number when all i wanted was the same number, just a new card. My bill origianlly was at the most $30.00.

The company said my bill was over 60.00 when all i have ever had was only one line. They never canceled the second number and give me back my old one, so i was charged for a line that i was not using.

I have called multiple times to get this fixed, but it never seems to happen. The company gives me information for a website “” and this website does not seem to exist.

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I have a same problem, I bought this bogus Family Mobile, I paid monthly bills, they requested double payment, they said I have second line which I never asked for, 4 months ago the said they are doing fraud investigation and let me know the outcome, last week I went Walmart store to talk to a manager she gave me this bogus which it does not exist.

Its an email address, not a website

I cancelled my service September 3rd. I received a bill in October saying I was past due I paid it and was told my services were terminated. October came around and they sent me another bill. I was told I had charges for the use of the phone. Remind you I switched over to T-Mobile in August. I combined that I was told my account was closed and not to worry about any other charges. Just this past week I received another bill of late payment. They still kept the account open going again in my pockets. These overseas personnel… Read more »

OMG it’s awful . I have been calling for months now , nothing ever seems to get resolved. Ive been charged with lines , being over charged, no solutions. I was told by a representative to go to customerrelations/ when it does not exit. I told the rep it takes me to the web site in which there is no customer email or phone number. I did do a search and found a mail address to mail that will take forever to get things done. I think we should organize a class action suit… it’s so frustrating !!!

Try it as an email address, not a website.

i just called walmart back and informed them that this was a incorrect email address to go to, and they informed me this is a email address, not ao i went into my email and emailed the complaint to and it went through. i havent heard back yet but at least they got the complaint..

I am having a problem with that web page as well family mobile was given information about my new account so that they can get my payments out monthly as time passes I noticed that they had not taken my payment out so I call and gave them the information again the lady says OK we will use this account and I will extend the time so that my line would not be interrupted nex thing I know my phone is off I call back they said that I had to pay over the phone 1st then they could start… Read more »

OMG SAME PROBLEM THE WEBSITE THEY GIVE YOU DOES NOT EXSIST!!! Im getting charged for two lines also . I don’t know what to do

It’s an email address, not a website.

Horrible people or maybe just a horrible company. had a phone I bought used it for about 2 mos.then i went to cancel the service but the man talked me into keeping my number at least for 10.00 an that was all i was to pay , so after that month i got a regular bill like i was paying before so i called them again an told them to just cancel everything i didn’t want to pay nothing 0 so he told me it was cancelled but this month guess what I got a regular bill for service that… Read more »

I am currently having a similar issue. Did it ever get resolved?


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