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Free Service Call Winds up Costing us $250 & BIG Push to sell $2800 Service

We had a new air conditioner installed by Quality Control Air of Sarasota on Nov 28, 2013 for $5500 and they called last week and came today for our “free” routine service call. They then hit us with the news that we needed to have duct work sealed at a cost of $2800. This being done by a rare machine that there are only 2 or 3 of in State of Florida so we shouldn’t get a second opinion because other companies would not have that machine. We refused and he argues with us for half an hour over cost and how we should put it on our credit card and when we refused he says he still has to blow out coil on a 10 month old air conditioner for a cost of $250.

So much for our FREE service call.

Oh and he also tried to say we needed a new filter which my husband had just replaced (he had paid $65 for it so he knew this wasn’t true) This man would not leave our house and kept arguing with us that we absolutely HAD to have this done. He was rude and obnoxious. Now I am worried that he may have done something to our air conditioner.

Something should be done about a company like this that uses strong arm tactics on seniors. We rely totally on Social Security and $250 is a lot of money to us. I don’t think we really needed this service as this guy was upset because we wouldn’t have the ducts sealed. We also had problems with the heating system on this unit back in January when it got cold and had to endure the cold for the whole weekend because part didn’t come in until that Monday. And then this guy has the nerve to say we didn’t buy unit from QAC and made my husband provide the papers. What the heck? Then why was he there for our “free” routine service?

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