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Pure Mango Cleanse and Trim Garcinia Gold are scams – do not order from them

After ordering a free trail, which was not really a free trail, for 4.95 – just for shipping, I received the bottles and did not even open them. While at my North Carolina home, this product was shipped to my Tallahassee address; I did not receive the product till after the free trial and was then charged to my credit card $79.95 twice, one for each bottle I received.

My credit card company called me to ask me about these two charges; I explained I thought it was just 4.95 for shipping and when I called the company to tell them I did not understand the charges two times on my account, they said that was what the product cost. I mentioned to them that I received several phone calls and told them I was not interested in the product and did not want any future shipments. They said I was cancelled…however, even though I did not want the product, I was still going to be charged the 79.95 for each bottle.

I could not deal with them. Called my credit union and they told me to file a fraud report.

Pure Mango Cleanse And Trim Garcina Gold – 3760 W McFadden Avenue, Suite B602 Santa Ana, California 92704

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